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Don’t Ghost Me Bro

Don’t Ghost Me Bro

You know what one of the biggest challenges and frustrations in “the business” is? Ghosting. Being ghosted by candidates. At various stages in the process, candidates not too infrequently ghost us. Sometimes it’s after meeting them, sometimes it’s after starting a conversation, sometimes before an interview, sometimes after they’ve received a job offer. Needless to say, it’s frustrating. Also, it’s unnecessary and unprofessional.

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Things You Should Do Before Every Job Interview

Things You Should Do Before Every Job Interview

Congratulations, your resume was noticed, read, and met the guidelines that the organization you applied to was looking for, which resulted in YOU getting an interview. Get your victory dance over with quickly, because you still have work to do!What does...

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Figuring Out Where You Want to Go and Why

Figuring Out Where You Want to Go and Why

Think about what your real passion and desire is. Remember the times when you were really interested and excited by something you were doing. Think about why you enjoyed it so much. What is it about the activity that you love? Or is where you did it? It...

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Jobscan is a tool that gives job seekers an instant analysis of how well their resume is tailored for a particular job and how it can be even better optimized for an ATS. Just visit Jobscan and either paste in the text of your resume or upload a Word or PDF file, then paste the text of the job posting you’re interested in.



Glassdoor is a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies and their management. A great resource for determining job salary ranges.

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