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We work with your organization to build veteran-friendly hiring solutions that fit your unique employment needs. We don’t just fill jobs; we’ll work together to create and implement end-to-end solutions to attract and retain top talent.

MTS Unique Benefits

Hiring Veterans is Good Business
The most successful publicly traded companies have a dedicated veterans recruitment & hiring strategy.
Supports Diversity & Inclusion Efforts
A dedicated veteran recruitment & hiring strategy enhances your diversity & inclusion efforts/programs.
Veterans are High Quality Talent Pool
Veterans are a unique, quality, highly sought-after talent pool.
Workforce Training & Development Programs
Workforce Training & Development Programs are critical both for onboarding & development of talent.
Creating opportunities for businesses & separating veterans
MTS specializes in veteran recruitment & hiring – it’s our sole focus & expertise. A win-win!

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We match your military experience and talents to specific opportunities in the civilian employment sector. Because we’re connected to and understand both the military and corporate cultures, we’re able to make meaningful introductions leading to employment.

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