Military Talent Source

We’ll Work with You, Not Just for You

We work with your organization to build veteran-friendly hiring solutions that fit your unique employment needs. We’ll work together to create and implement hybrid solutions to attract and retain top talent.

MTS Unique Benefits

Hiring Veterans is Good Business
The most successful publicly traded companies have a dedicated veterans recruitment & hiring strategy.
Supports Diversity & Inclusion Efforts
A dedicated veteran recruitment & hiring strategy enhances your diversity & inclusion efforts/programs.
Veterans are High Quality Talent Pool
Veterans are a unique, quality, highly sought-after talent pool.
Workforce Training & Development Programs
Workforce Training & Development Programs are critical both for onboarding & development of talent.
Creating opportunities for businesses & separating veterans
MTS specializes in veteran recruitment & hiring – it’s our sole focus & expertise. A win-win!

MTS Unique Features

More Recruiters
Our talent acquisition and talent management teams are working all the time looking to fill your positions! On any given day, we have multiple recruiters in multiple states, locations, and events looking for your next employee. Simultaneously, our talent management team is setting up screening interviews for the candidates met.
Unique Talent Pool
Veterans are a known quality talent and employee pool. The problem most companies have is accessing that talent. We take care of that for you!
Low Fees
Recruitment Process Outsourcing almost always reduces your overall recruitment costs. A flat monthly service fee makes our services attainable for businesses of all sizes.
Never One and Done
Our process is about the relationship not a transaction. Working together, we’re always striving to improve the overall hiring process while also searching for the best talent to fill your next position.
Enhanced Employer Brand
Become an employer of choice! Opportunity can’t knock if it doesn’t know where you live—build greater awareness of your company to potential employees.
Better Candidate Care
From the very first meeting through the entire process, we work with the candidate to help them navigate your hiring process keeping them up-to-date throughout. A positive candidate experience makes for a positive potential employee experience and improves the impression of your company.

We work with some great companies. We think you should join them in your quest for top talent.

MTS Leadership

Matt J. Leonard

Matt J. Leonard

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Leonard is the founder and chief executive officer of Military Talent Source, a unique recruitment process outsourcing company specializing in veteran talent acquisition.

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Prior to founding MTS, Matt served in the United States Navy for 21 years retiring at the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer as well as president & CEO of one of Maine’s largest chambers of commerce representing over 1,300 businesses.

He is ultimately responsible for leading the company’s strategy, operations and business units.
Matt holds a Bachelor of Science in business studies from Southern New Hampshire University and a Master of Professional Studies in political management from George Washington University.
Stephen G. Milks

Stephen G. Milks

Executive Vice President

Steve Milks is executive vice president of corporate relations for Military Talent Source, and a member of its executive leadership team. He has more than two decades of leadership roles in both enterprise and consumer businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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He oversees the full spectrum of Military Talent Source’s operations including strategy implementation.
In everything he does, Steve ensures that Military Talent Source’s clients are front-and-center in all of Military Talent Source’s  strategic decisions, and that MTS executes its plans with clients as the most important priority.
Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in hotel administration from Cornell University.

What We Do

Looking for Quality Employees?

Connect your organization with highly-qualified veteran talent!

We work with your organization to build veteran-friendly hiring solutions that fit your unique employment needs. We don’t just fill jobs; we’ll work together to create and implement end-to-end solutions to attract and retain top talent.

Job Hunting?

Connect with hiring managers today!

We match your military experience and talents to specific opportunities in the civilian employment sector. Because we’re connected to and understand both the military and corporate cultures, we’re able to make meaningful introductions leading to employment.

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